Abstract animations unit

Standards 1.5, 3.2, 4.3

Abstract animations unit

Inspired by the Swiss artists Fischli & Weiss, students were to write, plan, design, film and edit a short abstract animation. The students were shown how to develop storyboards, how to cut images out in photoshop and how to use the timeline in photoshop to develop their own animations.

There were a wide range of skills in this class, from some who had never opened photoshop before, through to those who had been creating stop motion animations since primary school. I developed a website full of instructional PDFs which students could access at any time in order to differentiate the learning.

This website contains the following materials:

  • How to use the pen tool
  • How to use the quick selection tool
  • How to animate with the frame by frame method
  • How to animate with the video timeline
  • Using storyboards in the animation process
  • Art elements & principles terminology

Instructional website (view the website here)

The unit outline (view the full unit outline here)

Lesson plans (view all the lesson plans here)

Brief guide to storyboarding (view the PDF here)

Instructional PDFs for photoshop (can all be downloaded here)

Visual diary checklist