Authentic assessment

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(as, of and for learning)

In alignment with authentic assessment, visual journals can also be assessed diagnostically, formatively and summatively, or for the purpose of this analysis ‘as’, ‘of’ and ‘for’ learning, where:

  • As learning: refers to students monitoring their own learning by asking questions of what they know and can do. Through this method students become their own assessors, utilising assessment to provoke new learning.
  • Of learning: is used to grade and rank student achievement against a set of pre-determined outcomes and standards, often performed at the end of a unit. Another term for this style of assessment is summative.
  • For learning: occurs throughout the learning and teaching process in order to gather evidence of a student’s knowledge, skills, and understanding. This evidence is used to inform future teaching and learning techniques. This style of assessment is also known as formative.


Board of Studies Teaching & Educational Standards NSW, 2016