Deep noticing

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Noticing what there is to be noticed

Variations on a Blue Guitar (2001) is a collection of lectures by educational philosopher and advocate for the arts, Maxine Greene. The consolidation of these lectures results in a call for the deep experiences and connected engagement provided by the arts to be incorporated into all classrooms.

Greene describes engaging with the arts as a way to enable ‘learners to notice what there is to be noticed’ (Greene, 2001, p. 6) and through this explore the world in different ways by imagining ‘alternatives to the given’ (p. 122).

It is hoped that students will connect with the reef through the process of creating visual art. By exploring the issues that face the reef students will be able to come up with their own reasons for either conserving or destroying the unique environment.


Greene, M. (2001). Variations on a Blue Guitar. London & New York : Teachers College Press, Columbia University