Inclusive participation

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The approach taken towards inclusive participation in this lesson sequence is that of inclusive pedagogy which ‘focuses on how to extend what is ordinarily available in the community of the classroom as a way of reducing the need to mark some learners as different’ (Florian & Black-Hawkins, 2011). This series of lessons should be accessible to students of all abilities, needs and cultures.

The teacher may have to work creatively in order to ‘develop classroom communities’ so that the contents of the lesson sequence are available to everybody. This would be done on a case by case basis.

Providing a framework for learners with disabilities where they are able to have access to and participate in ‘socially valued roles, activities and settings’ are the major goals of the inclusive education process (Blum et al., 2015).

Opportunities for inclusive participation include:

  • giving students (and parents) full access to all lesson outlines and resources through the unit website
  • having subtitles on during screening of the film
  • ensuring students of mixed abilities are placed in appropriate working groups
  • allowing students to use technology
  • verbal or written methods to complete tasks
  • assigning suitable tasks to students during filming and editing
  • allowing students a range of methods for presenting their final works.